The Aero Club of Northern California was formed to promote those activities which advance aviation and aerospace within Northern California.

We are a chapter of our parent organization, the National Aeronautic Association (NAA), which having been founded in 1905 as the Aero Club of America is the oldest independent, non-profit aviation organization in the United States, and the sole U.S. representative to the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI).

So central to aviation was the Aero Club that until 1926 it issued all pilot licenses in the United States. The first five pilot licenses issued by the Aero Club were: 1) Glen H. Curtiss, 2) Lt. Frank P. Lahm, 3) Louis Paulham, 4) Orville Wright, and 5) Wilbur Wright. Until 1926, all other pilot licenses issued in the United States subsequent to these five were issued by the Aero Club of America.

We embrace the goals of our parent organization in our efforts to support a vigorous aviation and space program for students at all levels of learning, and to recognize and honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of aviation and space flight.

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