Crystal Eagle Award    
The Crystal Eagle is awarded each year to an individual whose accomplishments have contributed to the advancement of aviation or space technology. Past honorees include Generals Jimmy Doolittle and Check Yeager and multiple astronauts. WWII triple ace Bud Anderson is shown receiving the award in 2011 from club President Sandra Clifford.
...Raises Money for Scholarships
The Crystal Eagle dinner is held in the Hiller Museum at the San Carlos Airport. Dinner ticket prices just cover the cost of food and renting the museum, so the Aero Club relies on the silent auction to raise money to fund scholarships. Every year, the Aero Club of Northern California awards three $2,000 scholarships to college students enrolled in S.F. Bay area aviation programs








"Winning the Aero Club of Northern California scholarship has changed my life immensely. This scholarship enabled me to begin my flight training and to purse a life long dream."
- Lis Mathis, 2012

Dinner guest making bids at the silent auction.

...and Grows Future Aviation Leaders.  
The Aero Club of Northern California includes one student to its board of directors for a 1-year term. To date, all student board members have been recent scholarship winners. Students benefit from leadership opportunities on the board and from a wider network. The board benefits from the energy and new ideas of student members.

"Thank you to all the donors that made the scholarship possible. It helped me continue my flight training and expand my involvement in the aviation community. It was one heck of a pat on the back."
- Stephen Meder, 2012

Max Trescott presents scholarship to Stephen Meder

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