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2021/2022 ACNC Board Of Directors (BOD)
Board President: Eric Peterson
(Director of Santa Clara County Airports)

Board Vice President: Walt Gyger
(Trade Winds Aviation Flight School owner)

Board Secretary: Richard Bandy*
(Airport Operations Specialist, San Jose Int'l Airport)

Board Financial Officer: A.J. Borade
(NASA Ames Research Center Project Associate)

Board Financial Officer in-training: Julia Bradley*
(NASA Ames Research Center Research Assistant)

Board Scholarship Coordinator: Pamela Svrdlin*
(Airport Operations Supervisor, Hayward Exec Airport)

Board Social Media director: Michelle Tripp*
(Airfield Safety Officer at San Francisco International Airport)

Board ACNC Membership specialist: Anita Farris
(Retired Administrative Assistant, SJSU Dept. of Aeronautics)

Board Silent Auction Chair: E.Ronald Blake
(Retired EE Director, Former President)

Board member: John Cabigas*
(Instructor Pilot)

Board member: Wendy Hales
(Airline Pilot)

Board member:
( )

Board member: Marty Blaker
(Techinical Writer [Google's Drone Delivery svc.])

Board member: Scott Yelich
(Lead Airports Operations Specialist II; Former SJSU Aero Professor)

* Former Scholarship Recipients